Barfield Clinic offers a wide range of urgent care services: fracture care, laceration repair, abscess drainage, IV hydration and intravenous medication administration.

We have on site digital x-ray which allows us to immediately diagnose bone fractures and sports injuries. We are able to care for sports and musculoskeletal injuries including non-displaced or mildly displaced bone fractures and splint and cast onsite. This can be done for a fraction of the cost (typically 85% less) than the cost of Emergency Room and Orthopedic care. For complex fractures, we do have a great relationship with board certified orthopedists for referral when needed.

In addition to surgery for skin abscesses (boils) and lacerations (cuts), we also biopsy or remove small skin cancers, moles, and other lesions. We offer four different methods of treating warts, including painless "beetle juice."